Internet Marketing

What is Internet marketing?  To us it’s a simple yet powerful statement.  It encompasses everything we do here, because unless your website is properly marketing no one is going to find it in the slew of domains that are activated every day.

 But specifically Internet marketing is: search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.  Any of those three can be performed independently of the others.  When all are used together the ability to bring your website the notice and traffic that you want can truly be realized.

Search engine optimization is the process where your website is prepared so that when search engines visit and scan your site they can easily catalog what your site is about.  It’s also the process of determining very precisely what your site should be about.  That doesn’t mean that if your company sells widgets then your website shouldn’t focus on widgets.  But when there are millions of websites about widgets, how are you going to convince the search engines to rank your site as one of the best widget sites in the world?  Through careful research Snapfire will find you an untapped source of customers.  Perhaps that’s “widgets in Winnipeg” or “cheese cutting widgets”.  We will then make sure your website is indexed not only for widgets, but for the selected niche keyword that you can get to the top of Google for quickly.  This part of Internet marketing allows you to build your reputation in the general market while delivering products and services to the specific niche markets that you can dominate in the short term.

Even search engine optimization takes time though.  Search engines can take weeks to scan your site, and they like to see months and months of continual high quality before they rank you in the top of their rankings.  Internet marketing has an answer for that though.  Search engine marketing is used to pay search engines to bring your site to the top of their listings immediately.  By writing ads with a particular focus on the search terms that people are actually using in your industry we can bring you immediate results on search engine listings in a cost effective manner.  Leveraging these pay per click advertising networks can bring immediate return on investment for your website, while search engine optimization works in the background to bring up your natural organic rankings.

Since the acceptance of the new Web 2.0 social networking and interactive websites have become a key component in search engine rankings.  The number of “Likes”, “Tweets”, “Diggs”, or “+1s” that your site has is now carefully monitored.  Sites that have more of these signals are regarded more favourably by search engines because people are recommending and talking about them.  Internet marketing’s third component is social media marketing.  Through this work we will create content on social media sites to bring attention to your business.  This can be as simple as posting updates about your business or organization’s activities to promoting special prices for Facebook friends or people you repeat your message, all the way up to creating video content with the hope it is shared thousands or millions of times.  All of these activities bring attention to your website and business and that is of course the point of doing any Internet marketing.  Social media marketing allows your customers to connect to you directly, so you can interact with them in new ways, respond to their concerns and better manage their impressions of your company.

As you can see, Internet marketing is not all that dissimilar from traditional marketing.  The object is to bring attention to your services and products, and the medium is whatever people are using at the time.  Once it was signs on the road, word of mouth or monopolies that businesses used to grow their businesses.  Later printed ads in newspapers, commercials on radio and then television brought messages to potential customers.  But now it is the Internet where people turn to research products and businesses, look to get their news, go to find and interact with their friends.  Internet marketing allows your message to be specifically targeted at people that are already looking for your services or at demographics of people that are more likely to need your products.  The return on investment and cost effectiveness of Internet marketing makes it the place for your advertising budget to be focused on in the 21st century.